A variety of learning for safety!

for enjoying all seasons of new concenpt

Offer a variety of programs to enjoying and learning yachts not just in the ocean, but on land.
We give a special time to have a night in a yacht even the person with a lot of seasick as well.
It is not yacht that you can enjoy only in the summer, but it is glamping concept that you can enjoy in the winter snow.
Stay with your family, friends and loved ones in the winter as well as in spring, summer and fall.

Yacht culture that makes memories that children share their yacht life with their parents naturally since childhood.
After children who had these memories and were exposed to culture grow up, they travel to yacht and lead to buy it.

Business Introduction

Yachtglamping Program

1. Maritime Safety/Education Program

 Indirect experience carried out in same as real yacht model

​  How to escape in ship accident / CPR and the first aid training / The class for yacht basic

 Step by step maritime program

  Drawing a marine chart / How to tie knots, make a hammock, make a paracord bracelet

2. Food experience program

 The diversification of food with a variety of program

​  Korean-style glampimg food / Cooking class with a celebrity chef / Making finger foods Potluck Party /

  One-day special food class

3.Virtual experience program

 The creation of multi-entertainment space for experience VR contents and Simulator service 

4. A variety of Curriculum for Group Education

  • Training for elementary, middle, and high school students

  • Training for teachers and education workers Corperate training

  • The vulnerable members of society like the disabled and the elderly


Korea's first Patent applied for yachtglamping 

Installing yachtglamping site and way of operation

Yachtglamping experience system and Driving way of simulator

Yachtglamping Business project plan

Phased  Business  Detailed  Plan


‘ Yachtglampimg  Club’ : We will network with yachtglamping-franchisee to provide an overall process based on infrastructure, from planning to installation, managing and marketing as a franchisor.

Fabrication and installation for the use of glamping yacht

The connection of tourism package and securing of the sales market through YACHTBOOK application

Human Resources Support Consulting for Training and program

[HQ] 부산광역시 남구 신선로 365, 307호 (용당동, 부산창업지원센터)

[Dubai]  Technohub 1 Bldg., Block B, DOSA, Dubai. UAE P.O.Box:6009  

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