Be easy and Fast to access to all kinds of yachts in South Korea! Available services from booking to payment!


Yachtbook uploads yacht packages for the ship owners and companies that have licensed and insured yachts.
Yachtbook is mobile mediation platform, enables people to understand information about yachts, search for yacht packages, booking and payment etc. 
Yachtbook can be accessed via mobile application for iOS, Android and available anywhere easily.

Yachtbook can be accessed via mobile application
for iOS, Android and available anywhere easily.

Simple booking management system
The selection of tourism region


Setting the desired date and boarding passengers

The selection of applicable package and payment

Booking completion

After the tour is complete, customer satisfaction survey

Offer points to customer

Yacht, word is

far too distant and unfamiliar





O2O mediation platform for yacht service mobile application


The social cognition is that yacht travel will be expensive

Poor customer satisfaction

as weather restriction

Absence of optimized yacht travel packages 

Easy access

to yacht travel

General managing application for searching, payment, option, booking etc.

Development of

tourism package connected with yacht.

Introduction to  a variety of yacht travel package program

by category

application map

Promotion sale

The package planned in YACHTBOOK is not only yacht package but also combined with various tourism program for a limited period

Regular package sale

Boarding schedule category, easy managing for travel schedule, a variety of optional schedule

Clearence Sale

Closing sale package category, 
The attractive package for the interests of the customer, Be sold for special price

Expectation effectiveness

Contribution to the development of marine-sports leisure industry

New job

creation effect

Training as a Marine professional manpower

O2O mediation platform for yacht service on the

top of the world

Korea's first Patent registration

for yacht platform application

The development of mediation platform system for yacht service and way of operation

YACHTBOOK Partner Recruitment

Customer Connecting System

Customer Connecting System
As a brand of yacht and owner, we offer
customer inflow systems continually through marketing

A reasonable fee

Yachtbook offers ship owners a reasonable brokerage fee for popularization of yacht with Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

The efficient Sales Management

The systematic system of yachtbook enables efficient scheduling and customer management

Consultations or Appointment for Partner Request

-Based on the information you requested,  We will send you a business proposal of   YACHTBOOK.
-Unable to modify and cancel information submitted.

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[Dubai]  Technohub 1 Bldg., Block B, DOSA, Dubai. UAE P.O.Box:6009  

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